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Day 170 – Saying Goodbye

Today the sky is joining with our hearts which feel heavy and yet light all in the same moment. A few nights ago the news broke that a dear friend of ours, who has been battling cancer for almost a decade, died.

I have written about death before. To me death is one of the most powerful speakers of all time.

The death of a young man in battle helps shape our hearts with desires of peace.

The death of old relatives impresses a greater divide between the past and the present.

The death of Jesus bought salvation for the world.

The death of a child makes us question our beliefs and so much more.


It brings with it so many emotions.

We spoke to our dear friend’s husband a couple weeks ago, at which point we received the news that her scans came back with more tumors, after what felt like a very encouraging treatment. While speaking with him he stated, “It’s treatable, it’s not curable.”

He had so much peace in that moment. The loss was great, you could see the looming realities in his eyes, yet his heart had peace, which seeped through every word he said.

Many Christians are quick to say, “We’re praying for a miracle and we have faith it’ll happen.”  Yet very few are willing to say, “We ask for healing, but may God’s will be done.” This family so lived out the later. In all of her updates there was a request for prayer, but ultimately there was a request for God’s will to be done in their lives. That they would live in His peace and His desires for their lives would be accomplished through them.

Aunty Chin, I will forever remember your heart of gold, endearing smile, delicious curries, and how you truly set an example for believers everywhere on what faith, peace, and surrender truly look like.


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