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Day 173 – Traveling On A Budget

Traveling is something I do a lot.

I love the sense of adventure, the new people I meet, the cultures I’m able to get a glimpse into, all of it! This world is such a beautiful place! Corrupt, full of issues, but beautiful. Basically the title of this blog, beautifully broken.

Anyway! Along the way I’ve found some ways hat make traveling more budget friendly, here they are:

  1. Set a budget. I know, it seems obvious, but it will really help you know how much you have to spend on everything instead of ending your trip and not being able to pay your bills for the next month!
    Things you need to budget for:
    1. Travel – Airfare, train tickets, bus passes, rental cars, subway fares, etc.
    2. Sleep – Hotels, campsites (and gear), airbnb, etc.
    3. Food – Food can be very expensive when you are traveling, so do enough
    research to know what a realistic budget is on this!
    4. Activities – Do you want to go kayaking, buggy jumping, have a spa day, ride
    a camel, go to a museum, etc. make sure you budget these things
    5. Shopping/souvenirs – You know you’re gonna want to, so just budget it…
    and don’t forget to get things for people back home!
    6. Blow money – There will be days you are going to spend more than expected,
    so budget for that too.
  2. Start early! Yes, some trips happen spur of the moment for people, but if you can plan early, that is going to save you a sizable amount of money!
  3. Know your search engines! Google flights, Expedia, TripAdvisor, they can all have good deals if you know how to use them! Figure out the days they have the cheapest deals (I’ve found Tuesday and Thursday flights are the least expensive), look multiple times and in multiple places before you say yes to one… unless it’s an incredible deal, then be willing to go of it, cause they won’t last long!
  4. Be wiling to try a variety of travel methods. The next trip I’m taking is using the method of: Airplane to tram to train to airplane. It’s crossing a couple time zones, but the whole trip is literally 1/5th of what it would have been to just take an airplane. Be willing to try out trains and busses for stents of the trip, even if you don’t have the time to use them as your whole travel route.
  5. Know yourself. If you get a really reasonably priced trip, but are freaking out the whole time over being late to a flight or feeling unsafe, it’s not worth it. Be honest enough with yourself to know what you can handle. This also goes into deciding where you are going to go. If you are an aspiring ice climber, but hate the cold, maybe just go to the beach instead. On the other hand, if you love adventure and are always up for something new, maybe try a yurt in Mongolia? Either way, know yourself, be honest with yourself, be realistic.
  6. Pack snacks/entertainment. Regardless of your travel method or what activities you will be doing at your destination, bring snacks and entertainment. Sealed snacks will pass through pretty much any security check point and are way less expensive than buying things along the way! Same goes for entertainment. If you can pack a deck of cards, a book, puzzle book, iPad, whatever works for you, it’ll save you money from either renting an iPad on a flight for movies or buying these things along the way.
    Travel Snack Ideas:
    1. Easy Squeeze baby foods: This is a weird one, but the apple sauces and other
    fruit mixes are really good, within the liquid limit, sealed, and healthier than
    other food options!
    2. Sealed buiscuts: Ritz bits, muti-grain cracker/chip packs, Digestives,
    basically small portioned, sealed, mutable items.
    3. Pack protein: Nuts, seeds, granola bars, trail mix, meat sticks (like jerky)
    4. Pack some fresh items(domestic only): Yoghurt cups, cheese sticks, cut
    veggies, hummus with fresh beans, etc.
  7. Pack light. I know this isn’t always an option, but if you can travel with 1-2 bags, that will save you money as well. Not only can you use more public transportation, but you also won’t have to pay for extra bags (unless you’re traveling with baggage allowance). Packing light also allows you to pick up items along the way, without having to ship anything home from a local post office.
  8. Pack smart. Just packing light doesn’t always save people money as they tend to forget things that they needed to bring and end up needing to buy more. Make a packing list (after your trip is fully planned with activities and everything) and stick to it.
    General packing list:
    – 1.25 outfits for every day you are traveling (this gives you a couple extras)
    – Toiletries: Toothbrush & paste, shampoo & conditioner, razor, hairbrush,
    chapstick, lotion (also sunscreen if you use it), contacts/glasses, make-up.
    – Toilet paper (this could go in toiletries, but really remember this!)
    – Travel docs: Passport, booking documents (for everything), cash and card
    payment options, extra form of ID, extra passport pictures (these are used on
    so many things!), visa documents (unless it’s visa on arrival), emergency
    contact card, insurance card, etc.
    – Pack comfy shoes! My favorites are:
    – Snacks/entertainment: see #6
    – For women: Pads/tampons/menstrual cup (whatever you use)
  9. Remember your host countries. I like bringing little gift bags to leave at hotels/airbnb places/homes I stay at, little thank you gifts go a long way in being thankful to other places for allowing you to enter their land and share life for a little.
    Ideas: Chocolates, dried fruit, mini thank you cards, chocolate/yoghurt dipped
    pretzels, etc. packaging them in zipploc bags and then placing those in
    little mesh bags tend to look nice!
  10. Enjoy it! Enjoy the moments when the bus is late and you get to watch the people around you do life. Enjoy the moment your food comes out crazy spicy and your sinuses get cleaned out! Enjoy the moment when you’re kayaking through a rainforest and the rain just starts pouring down and you are totally soaked! Enjoy the moment when you have to get up at 3am to catch a flight. Being able to go with the flow instead of freaking out can save you a lot of emotional energy if nothing else! Enjoy it all. Traveling is such a gift!

Those are my 10 tips for traveling on a budget, I hope they help!

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