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Day 184 – Attitude of Gratitude

Starting off this weekend my attitude was not one of gratitude. It was full of complaining and frustrations. I wasn’t happy about taking a long trip, turning  around, and doing it again. Yes, the events we were going to were important, but at the end of the day, I still didn’t want to go.

Then throughout the trip my attitude changed. I wasn’t sure why or how or even when exactly, but I found myself being grateful.

Suddenly the miles of nothing held little sparkles of beauty in their deserted old buildings and unique topography. Soon the people we saw were not just family that I was forced to see, instead they were parts of my family tree, good and bad, that I will probably never see again. The events were special.

It was all a switch of attitude.

Yes, the trip was still long. Yes, seeing a ton of extended family was still frustrating/discouraging at times. Yes, all of what I was dreading did happen, but God changed my heart into one that was thankful and that made all the difference.

I hope we all have attitudes of gratitude this week.



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