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Day 185 -Finding Beauty

One of my goals I life lately has been to find beauty in the mundane.

This morning I’m sitting on the couch, overlooking fields that are golden with the sunshine reflecting off of every surface possible. Last night I was driving home with the sky lit up in every shade of pink possible as the sun said goodnight. It’s easy for me to find beauty in those moments… but what about the spilled sippy on the carpet or the day that all I want to do is sleep and yet I’m vomiting and still need to go take an exam. What about when I’m flying over a beautiful ocean, but the trip has been 36 hours and I’d rather just have a shower… yeah, I’m not so good at finding the beauty in that.

Yet those moments are still filled with beauty! Those moments mean a house a filled with little footsteps and new life. Those moments mean that I have the privilege of attending school, a rarity in this world since I am a female and, in a lot of countries, of marriage age. Those moments mean exploring a world of rich diversity… even if my hair and body would feel incredibly nasty after 36 hours! All of those moments are just moments. They slip away in an instant if they are not taken hold of and enjoyed.

I hope we all find beauty in the mundane today.








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