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Day 188 – “Messy House Friends”

Everyone needs a “messy house friend(Stephanie May Wilson”). You know the type that can come over regardless of the state of your house and you still feel comfortable? The kind that not only will come regardless, but loves you enough to help you clean?

There are many, many, many days that my house is far from presentable! Currently there are toys all over the place, laundry that hasn’t been done in a few days, food prepared and all over the kitchen and butlers pantry, the windows have not been washed for months, the floors need cleaned… yeah you get the picture! Now usually our house doesn’t hold 12 people like it is for this weekend, but the mess can seem just as overwhelming.

The messiness has caused me to not open my home to people when they needed a place to stay, it has made me uncomfortable to open he door when the doorbell ringings, just incase they want to come in. Now I need to clarify, I’m not anti-social at all, I love being around people, I just don’t like them seeing my mess. It’s not something that makes me or anyone else feel comfortable, or so I perceive!

So this is me attempting to open my home more in the middle of the messiness and the craziness. This is me hoping you all will join me in that and bond over the messy, the crazy, the disorganized.

I hope we all are a wonderful “messy house friend” and that we all have them.


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