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Day 189 – Troubled Hearts

“Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

So often my heart is troubled. Troubled out of exhaustion, out of worry, out of feeling incredibly overwhelmed, the list could go on for paragraphs. Then on to the afraid… afraid that life won’t turn out right, afraid that the oven was left on when you left the house, afraid that I’m not lovable or that if people knew me they would want nothing to do with me, the list, once again, could go on for paragraphs.

Troubled hearts and fear are so entwined into every aspect of life, yet we are called to so much more! … yet how do hearts just stop being troubled?

It’s easy to say, “Just let it go,” or “It’ll be okay.” … yet none of those truly bring peace and calm to hearts that are troubled and afraid… and honestly, they’re not true!

My thoughts:
I don’t have this even close to figured out! I know from a medical perspective that stress is really hard on the body and that we honestly were not made to live in a state of troubled hearts, fear, and overall stress. I know that I do my best in life when my prayer life is best and I truly give my fears and struggles over to God. Beyond that I really don’t have this figured out. Thus the next section…

Other’s thoughts:

I hope we all learn to live in the peace that comes from God and surpasses all understanding(Philippians 4:7), that our hearts would not be troubled and our fears would be stilled.



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