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Day 191 – Engaging In Reality

This weekend was insane! I don’t think we got more than 8 hours of sleep a night going right into midterms week. We had family (a total of 12 people in the house) Friday night to Saturday, for a family funeral, company all afternoon/evening Sunday, then after work and classes, company Monday night… which leaves us here. You get the point, it was crazy!

Yet in that craziness, the importance of engaging in reality was so evident! How often do we “zone out” or depend on technology to “escape” or miss the little moments in life, holding out for the big ones? I know I do all of those and more. Yet reality can be so beautiful and the moments pass by so quickly!

On Saturday morning I was sitting at breakfast surrounded by 5 “little” cousins, hearing all about their lives. In those moments I had a choice. I could do dishes, catch up on social media, or sit there for the next two hours enjoying hearing about them.

Sometimes that choice is made for me, when kids are plugged in to every device possible, but this case was different. Not only were the kids not that way, they had amazing social skills and carried most of the conversations. I was impressed and challenged to live more in the moments, to live in the reality of here and now and not let those moments, that are rare, pass by without making the most of them.

I hope we all live more in reality than virtually and that we make the most of the little moments in all of life.


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