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Day 195 – Mid Terms, Self-Care, & Fun!

Today marks the final day of mid-terms for me and I may or may not be rejoicing… we will see when scores come back! 😉

That brought me to the realization that I haven’t written much about school lately!

I’ve discovered over the past year that self-care and balancing some fun into reality are critical parts of successful life… here are some ways I’ve added more self-care and fun to my life!

  1. Reading.
    I read a ton in high school, but once college hit and a regular day had a couple hundred pages of reading due, I kind of let go of my “for fun” reading. I enjoy biographies, non-fiction, and life tip books, whatever book type floats your boat, try it out!
  2. Online shopping.
    Need I say more? With two-day shipping, apart from groceries, I do pretty much all my shopping online. It saves a ton of time and usually a bit of money too! … not to say that you shouldn’t go out to shop, because let’s be honest, many girl’s days out include shopping! 🙂
  3. Subscription boxes.
    This is one I’ve been wanting to try, but haven’t yet. Here are some I’d like to try at some point this year:
  4. Create Spaces.
    Create different spaces for sleep, work, chill time, etc. Working, sleeping, and hanging out all in the same room or part of a room is not helpful, as it’s harder for your body to switch gears in activities. I am also learning that if I am by a window, I feel way more refreshed and am more productive than in dark rooms/artificially lighted rooms!
  5. Purposefully Budget.
    This is a constant learning point for me! Being financially independent, it is crucial for me to keep up on a budget in order to cover all needs and then be able to still have extra for self-care activities and social fun things!
  6. Schedule everything!
    I am continuously learning that this is huge! I first schedule out when I have school, then add when I have work shifts. At this point things are pretty full, so I add in when I will hang out with friends and study, having some balance in that. With the time left I schedule any family social events and things like cleaning, cooking, mowing the lawn, things like that. Every hour is not scheduled, there is some free time, but at very least I have an idea of what is going on every morning, afternoon, and evening.
  7. Laugh it off.
    This is one thing I’ve really been working on. Life doesn’t go as planned at least 50% of the time for me, I can either get frustrated or laugh it off and move on. I suggest the latter. ☺️
  8. Work Out
    My best friend and I have enjoyed working out together lately! Like a lot! It’s been really fun! It not only gives us quality time together, but we’re also getting in shape at the same time. Working out is also helpful just for concentration and health in life in general.
  9. Get Outside.
    Sunshine, fresh air, deep breaths, watching sunsets, it’s all wonderful for self-care, take the 10-15 minutes a day to just do it. Sometimes I take a book and read in the back yard, sometimes I listen to music on our porch swing out back, sometimes I go on a short walk, honestly sometimes I’m not home when the sun is up, so I go out and look at the stars. Day or night, getting outside just helps clear my head and refocus in life.
  10. Enjoy Life.
    If you’re crazy busy or kind of in a slow patch. If you’re healthy or having major health issues. If you love your job or are looking for something new. Regardless of circumstances, enjoy life. It’s short, it is full of surprises if you’re looking for them, and life will happen either way, so we might as well enjoy it!

There you go! Those are my 10 tips for self-care and enjoying life… so now that mid-terms are over, I’m going to go do some of those 10 right quick! 🌺

If all else fails, here’s a cute video to brighten your day!


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