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Day 197 – Sovereignty

A couple weeks ago I learned that the Nursing program requirements changed, that a couple of my classes no longer count, that I have to retake one due to curriculum change, and my heart become flustered. I had a plan, I put in the work, I was ready to apply on time, it was all suppose to work out.

Yet none of it has. None of it made sense to me as I drove home (after a good work out with a friend to get some frustration out!). About half way home (an hour drive total) I felt total peace. It was as if my worries had lifted and I knew it was all going to be okay. I got home and told my parents what the school counselor had said and all that meant moving forward and my Mom just kept saying, “I don’t get why you’re not mad! I’m mad, you should be too!” My only answer was one I have heard from both my parents over and over and over again through their adoption process, “It’s not a corrupt system, it’s not a messed up program, it’s the sovereignty of God.”

I think they were a little surprised to hear themselves be quoted back to them and I just left them in that minor silence and went to bed.

The next morning a little of the reality of retaking courses I’d already worked hard in hit home, the extra cost involved started calculating in my brain and I was just off for most of the morning. Then a little thought entered mine and once again I was reminded that it’s the sovereignty of God.

No that answer is not easy, no the frustration and cost issues have not gone away, no, my mother’s frustration hasn’t decreased(😋), and no, God has not changed either. He is still sovereign, he is still accomplishing His plan in my life and everyone around me, and he is still giving me peace about the whole situation that truly does surpass all understanding(Phil. 4:7)

Whatever issues are in your life, remember there is no mess too large for God. He is still sovereign and working in it.

May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, reign in your hearts today(Phil 4:7).

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