Day 213 – Beginning Again

The words are powerful in and of themselves, stick them together and they have the ability to instill optimism and hope in the human heart.

After 3 months of transitions, life is returning to the new normal, this time it’s something I’ve done. This time it’s a “been there, done that” situation. I don’t wonder what different aspects of life will be like, I know what they will be like. Sometimes starting fresh feels like a long rain after a drought. Others it feels like a monsoon that will never end.

Transitions give room for new patterns, new beginnings to situations.

Today that started early and will end late with classes and papers as the year comes to a shockingly fast close.

Tomorrow this new normal may seem sad or full of emptiness. On the contrary it may be productive and full of hope.

A day at a time…

A moment at a time…

Sometimes that’s what it means to begin again. To take 24 hour segments that make up a life and try to live them purposefully.

All of us begin again in life. Sometimes those moments are more drastic than others.

I hope we have the courage to take hold of them and create lives that are full of purpose in every aspect of every day. Ma we do it with grace and patience, remembering that everyone around us is going through it in different ways as well.


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