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Day 216 – Sweet Surprises!

Showing love to others is seriously one of the most rewarding things in life.

One of my friends did something amazing this week. I came home from a hard day and my house was decorated and there were bags in two rooms that had amazing treats in them.

Now not every day will be filled with surprises, not every day is fantastic, not every day is full of laughter and adventures… but whenever it is possible, I hope we all fill our days and others with sweet surprises! Here are a few options…


Smiling is seriously one of the biggest gifts given to humanity. We get to fill someone’s heart with joy in one second with something that’s completely free and takes very little if any thought. So smile. Smile at the mom who looks exhausted in the grocery store. Smile at the old man walking down the street wipes years of regrets are weighing down his heart. Smile at the person behind the cash register who we all know can’t wait to graduate so that they can work above a minimum wage job. Smile.

Make treats.

Sweet treats always brighten days! Here are some of my favorite, really easy treats to make:


Give them to your neighbor. Bring them to work as an anonymous surprise. Bring them to your classmates on exam day. Make them for yourself and have a sweet treat to come home to. 🙂

Care packages.

Put together a little care package for someone. If you don’t have time there are so many boxes you can order from $10-$100 online that can be sent to them here: https://www.cratejoy.com

If you’re making them on your own, this can be as simple as a hand written letter or a little  package with their favorite treats. Be creative! 🙂


Send them a quick note reminding them you are thinking of them. A simple text or call can be such a gift to someone! We all want to know that we are loved, cared for, and remembered.

At the essence of who we are as humans, we have few needs that do not involve relationship and love. I hope we all surprise someone today and love well. 🙂



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