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Day 227 – Rough Patches

Some days suck, some weeks are awful. This was one of those weeks full of those awful days. By last night I was so done that I went to sleep at 7:30pm. Yes, I’m serious and yes, it sounds lame, but in so many ways it was exactly what I needed. I woke up this morning feeling so much better, 12 hours later!

This week I was faced with deciding if I should really be going after the career I am, which lets be honest happens rather often. I had to deal with a few things with an ex boyfriend, someone who I was honestly hoping I would never have to even think about again. I ignored calls from my grandparents because I couldn’t handle more of the extended family drama with a wedding coming up. I subbed twice for work, even though it made life really hard, because I needed to stay busy to keep myself from my own thoughts. I got to see a friend and we worked out, because both of us needed to get rid of anger and talk it out while we were at it. This week was discouraging in so many ways.

This is reality. This is the mess that is me.

But then there was today.

The sun didn’t shine, but I got out of bed. None of life’s problems went away, but I made a list of manageable ways to tackle them. My heart wasn’t feeling encouraged, but life must go on.

Here’s to the people who need to know they’re not along in their pain.

Here’s to hoping this next week goes better.

Here’s to being thankful for the little victories.


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