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Day 228 – Hair Care

I have hair problems. My scalp is insanely oily and my ends are dry and frizzy.

These issues have led me to research hair care and try something other than the knock off brand at the closest store. Here are some things that I found out…

  1. I need to scrub more. Seriously, I need to scrub a lot more and not just put shampoo on my head, quickly rub it through my hair, and rinse it out.
  2. Hair masks are wonderful! I never knew hair masks were a thing until my friend gave me one as a gift, I used it, and i was sold! Since then, I actually found a tub of hair mask cream (?) in the back of a storage closet in my house! It was probably left over from my sister or one of her friends, but either way it wasn’t opened and it works great! I’ve done it every 5-7 days and it is a game changer for healthy hair!
  3. If all else fails, there is the option to personalize hair care products:
  4. I’m still more of a fan of using less expensive hair care, so I use #1&2 and haven’t needed to go to #3 yet! 🙂

Here’s to happy, healthy, good hair days!


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