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Day 229 – Getting Your Stuff Together

Stuff. I had way to much of it. So I purged my room. Majorly and it was great! I got rid of 4 donate bags, multiple bags of rubbish, and a solid two loads of laundry! … the laundry was just because I needed to do it and it was all over my room. Basically my life was a mess and here are some things that helped me get my stuff together!

  1. Get everything out one step at a time. First take your clothing out and put it all on your bed, go through it, rehang/refold what needs to stay and then go on to the next thing. For me that was papers and cards, then school stuff… you get the point.
  2. Don’t get emotional. I held on to way too much throughout the years because of emotional connections and it just added to the clutter in my life.
  3. Stick with it! Remember that the mess will be way bigger before it gets smaller. Don’t let it discourage you, the beautiful part of a clean, decluttered area is coming!

If you’d like more tips, here are some from others that may help:



Just do a youtube search and you will find tons of tips, if you’d like more!

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