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Day 232 – The calm in the storm.

People talk a lot about the calm before the storm, but what about the calm in the storm?

As I’m sitting here writing this, snow is coming down all around me. You know those giant flakes that make reality feel like a fairytale? Yeah, those kind. The wind has calmed, the sky is totally covered in clouds, there is a comfort in having the world blocked out. In this moment, it’s just me and the snowflakes swirling around me. Complete calm in the storm.

This moment feels like so many different parts of life. The crazy, the pain, the moments in life that make life feel incredibly draining and so exhausting… then calm. The moments when sleep finally claims an exhausted body, the moment someone offers a hug or a cup of tea, the moment when you let go, because there is nothing else that can be done. The calm in the storm.

My thoughts feel grounded, my heart at ease, and I’m surrounded by the beauty of the storm. Some people call this, “Bad weather” others, “A winter wonderland.” I’m not sure either even begin to grasp the breathtaking beauty and the incredible peace in this moment.

Reality is that this is probably the last snow storm of the season. Within days the sun will be here to stay and with it a new kind of beauty.

Each season brings a sense of beauty and wonder, like a favorite book that can be read over and over again and never get boring.

Today I’m thankful for this moment. The calm in the storm,


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