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Day 233 – Letting our guards down…

Everyone needs that one person they can be themselves around. No guards, no filters, nothing, just themselves. And in those moments they need to know they are enough.

I have one of those people in my life. She’s the kind of person that I can be happy, sad, grumpy, angry, frustrated, giggly, totally silly, anything and it’s okay. It’s beyond okay, it’s enjoyed. I can’t count how many times she’s said things like, “You are the best,” and those moments make me realize how incredibly privileged I am to have someone like her in my life. Everyone needs a person like that.

In the last few months we have…

Had popcorn all over the floor after attempting to make some late at night.

Laughed for no reason at all over the most random things.

Had country music playing at 9pm and feeling like it’s late… yes, we are the granny type!

Stopped at the grocery store for frozen veggies because that is life.

Memorized each other’s coffee orders because that is true friendship.

Felt comfortable cancelling plans because it’s one of us really needed a nap.

Talked about boys, chocolate, periods, and our future children.

Walked though open mall spaces at random hours of the night only to realize we actually are too goofy to function appropriately in public.

Known each others strengths, weaknesses, and quirky traits.

Watched cheesy chick flicks.

Set up IKEA beds like bosses! … or rather like amateurs acting like pros! 😉

Cooked, baked, and overall created way more dishes than anyone wants to deal with!

So there you go. I hope you find your person and learn what it feels like to let every guard down and be enjoyed for just being you.


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