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Day 234 – A new level of exhaustion

College brings with it many, many lessons.

I have learned that studying takes on new levels of intensity and that sometimes no amount of hard work pays off in a grade or a smiley at the top of the page.

I have learned that a college campus can be the weirdest, coolest, and most ordinary place all at the same time.

I have learned that there are no lists that can hold all of the new experiences and emotions of that come with college.

Ultimately I have learned a new level of exhaustion. Tired does not even begin to cover it. There are days that even taking off my shoes feels like a feat, yes, I have slept with my shoes on before… only to wake up at 3am and realize what I had done.

Exhaustion has reached levels that my eyelids literally would not stay open to study one more moment. Levels where even making dinner after not eating since 6am felt undoable.


And you know what? I learned that it’s part of the territory and sometimes it’s not worth it.

There are seasons that exhaustion is a reality that will never end. It just won’t. My first year at college I was taking 19 credit hours and working 47 hours per week, on top of helping with aging grandparents and taking care of a property with animals, oh and I was attempting to date this guy. So you get it, sleep was not something I encountered often for those first 12-ish months.

Then my second year I switched jobs and went down to 20 hours a week and slimmed my class load down to 14 credit hours a semester, ditched the guy, and started a blog instead.

This summer will be crazy as will the following semester, reuniting me with exhaustion, but it will be okay.

Because ultimately that is what college has taught me. Regardless of sleep or lack there of, regardless of any of the “firsts” that happen, regardless of anything, it will be okay.

So take the naps when you can, organize that closet that has been needing it, go have that coffee with a friend, explore the city you live in or go to a cool city if you’re near one.

Exhaustion is coming so soon and although you may get a few grey hairs out of it, it will be worth it and it will be okay.

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