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Day 239 – Pictures and Memories

For the first time in my entire life I put pictures in the picture frames.

In some ways it was very emotional! It was admitting that I was settling in and it was exciting that I finally had a space and the time to settle! All of my life I would walk into peoples homes and see family pictures on the walls. The different phases of life they represented, the people they claimed to love and be loved by. My homes almost never had pictures in it. They had stock photos in frames that we hung. They had wall hangings and wooden carvings, but that was all.

This week I took a thumb drive full of pictures and had them printed. I came home and I just sat there looking at them for at least an hour off and on, because in some ways this was a childhood dream come true and in others it was scary. I had the same feeling as I did when I unpacked my last suitcase and put it in storage.

That night I walked through the house and soaked it all in.

It felt like home.

I may have been walking through the happy and rooms alone, but I felt like I was surrounded by love as I recounted all of the memories those moments represented.

So get out those photo files, print some off, and be reminded of those moments, those people, the life you live. I hope you look at the end result and love it.

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