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Day 240 – With a Thankful Heart

I have a clipboard/note pad that has, “Start each day with a grateful heart,” written across the front. And this last week I decided to take it seriously. Most days I wake up, get ready for the day, and go for it. I rarely go through the motions of actually starting each day with a thankful heart.

So this week I started.

Before getting out of bed I thought through what I’m thankful for in life and focused on that before facing the day and you know what? It made life better. I was less discouraged, less annoyed at little things, and overall more thankful throughout the day. It’s not earth shattering and being thankful is something I hear a lot, but very few people seem to do it.

This week here are some ways to be more thankful:

  1. Create a thankful jar
  2. Start each day with a thankful moment
  3. Write someone a thank you card and actually mail it to them

Here’s to living more thankful lives! 🙂


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