Day 326 – How to help a college student.

Are you a fully functioning mature adult wanting to help a college student?

Here is how…

  • Clean. Show up at their place when you know they aren’t there and clean everything. Deep clean the places that haven’t seen a cleaning agent in years. Surface clean the floors that have welcome weary feet home every night. Clean the dishes that are piling up. Clean the laundry that is covered in spider webs at the corner of the bathroom or in the back of a closet.
  • Stock their house. Stock it with laundry detergent, stock it with healthy snacks non-perishable snacks, stock the fridge… with gift cards to healthy restaurants and maybe some actual food. Stock the cabinets with coffee and tea packets, the just add water kind. Stock their house with chocolate.


  • Encourage them. Leave notes around the newly cleaned and stocked house. Put new books on their night stand. Put fresh flowers on their table, night stand, on a windowsill, anywhere and everywhere. Add a few home decorating items: Candles, wall art, throw pillows, a new cute mug, help make that house a home.
  • Invite them in. Once the first three points have been completed, ask them out to coffee or to your home for dinner. In the middle of school and work, life can get a little lonely and as much as they’d rather not admit it, they miss family meals and having actual conversations with people.
  • Be gracious. this is the most important part. If you walk in and it looks like a tornado went through the house, don’t see it. If you go to clean the dishes or do the laundry and you can’t actually see the sink or the laundry room, roll up your selves and don’t say a thing. If the fridge is full of rotten take out, just grab a trash bag and start dumping. Don’t leave and tell everyone what a mess their life is, don’t leave and call their mom to come fix them, don’t complain the whole time about how awful they are. They don’t need someone else telling them what they need from them or one more area that they are failing at in life. They just need support and encouragement. So be gracious.

… because this is how the college student probably feels most of the time:

There you go. Now find a college student and make their day!… or let’s be honest, it’ll make their year! 🙂


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