About Me


Thank you for stopping by!

I have grown up among 3 different continents, all of which hold a piece of my heart and will always be “home”. I am a second year nursing student, aiming to get my bachelors of science in nursing and then my masters in special needs education. I live on a small farm along the rocky mountains and love farm fresh produce from my animals and garden, canning (mostly peaches), hiking, painting, the mystery of new languages, and having coffee with friends when I’m not studying late into the night or figuring out what to make for dinner!

My goal in this blog is to figure out how to live a more balanced, healthy life for myself, and hopefully help a few others in that endeavor along the way!

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy what is to come!

**A little more updated “About Me” is on Day 25! 🙂 **